A little about Quartz

 Quartz products are in high demand impart to their natural beauty as  well as natural strength and durability.  

Caesarstone, Silestone, Vicostone, HanStone are some of the major brands we carry in our showroon.

Quartz may be used in both  horizontal and vertical applications to include countertops, wall  cladding, vanity tops, and retail counters.  Most of the quartz  surfaces come with a residential lifetime warranty and  we work in the 3 cm thickness.  

Because quartz blend surfaces  contain advanced polymers they are  stronger than most  natural stone countertops.  It resists chips, scratches, crack, heat,  and stains, and unlike granite, quartz does not require polishing or  sealing.  

Quartz can be machined, sandblasted, and inlaid as suitable  for each individual application